WPF TreeListView 2016 for .NET

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The WPF Tree List View is designed to allow you to represent your hierarchical data in a great tree driven list view. The control has been designed for high performance data scenarios and is in use around the world in over 50,000 installations.

We are now offering it to other developers to utilize in their applications. You can download and evaluate as long as you wish.


High Performance

Designed with having all nodes fully expanded as the common use case scenario. The performance was consideration #1, #2 and #3 to ensure a solid user experience.


Unlimited levels of data can be displayed. This allows you to represent your comprehensive hierarchical data.

MVVM Simplicity

Our TreeListView was designed with MVVM in mind as the preferred method of using the control. Our demo application shows how easy and intuitive this is.

Column Flexibility

With WPF, your column cells can have anything you want in them. DatePickers, textboxes,checkboxes,labels,textblocks. Your design imagination is the limit.

Custom Data Controls for performance

Custom Data Template Selector

We provide a custom data template selector this is wicked fast. All you do is declare the DataTemplates with the type of your class (or even parent class) and the selector does the work. No matches, then nothing is displayed in that cell. Easy as pie.

Custom Data Template Selector
Above is a simple example

Inline Activated In-Place Editor

Did you want to allow users to edit in-place? Easy enough. We take it a step further, you can show content one way while viewing, but mouseover allows you to switch the content with an editor.

In Place Editor Screenshot


WPF TreeListView 2016 Pricing

Straightforward pricing and developer friendly licensing

Want a free license for personal use? Just email us and ask nicely. We are feeling crazy.

The control is royalty free and is licensed per developer on the project even if they don't directly work with the control.

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There is no time limit on the evaluation.
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Download WPF TreeListView 2016

Download the WPF hierarchical tree list view. The download includes both the evaluation copy of the control as well as a demonstration application.

If you are looking for wicked fast and flexible, you are at the right place.

Download WPF TreeListView 2016 (MSI) Download WPF TreeListView 2016 (ZIP)

There is no time limit on the evaluation.
You just get a pretty nag dialog every once in a while in runtime mode.

Installation and Terms

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Uninstall instructions: Right click MSI, Choose Uninstall. You can also uninstall from Programs and Features -> WPF TreeListView.

CHROME USERS: Chrome apparently gives a Uncommon Download Warning. You need to click the drop down and pick Keep Anyway. Sorry Google, we aren't selling millions of copies yet.

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